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 WELCOME to the Rare Cat Breeds website: A resource dedicated to the
conservation, breeding and promotion of rare breeds of cat.


Rare breeds of cat can be defined as those which have low numbers of annual kittens registrations. A breed which is rare in one part of the world may be more common in another part, but those breeders where the breed is rare face many problems in common with breeders of other rare breeds. A new breed in development may not be necessarily be considered to be a rare breed because it has not yet had time to build up its numbers. Rare breeds face many
issues and challenges, particularly the management of small gene pools, inbreeding avoidance, the need to import new blood lines from different countries, protocols for out crossing, negotiating differences between registries, health issues, breed recognition and the need to promote the breeds to the wider public.

This website aims to promote education and awareness about the rarest members of the domestic cat family. Each of these rare breeds has a slightly different set of needs for their preservation, but breeders can communicate and collaborate to allow valuable information sharing and mutual support.

The cats represented here are all unique and exciting breeds with a great deal to offer. They all make wonderful discoveries for anyone looking for a pedigree cat and supporting these vulnerable breeds helps to secure their futures.


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